Friday, December 27, 2013

a NeW LiFe!!!

Happy is the occasion

Happier we become,
to rejoice the happiest moment,
when we are together as one!!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Love Arranged

   Certain things are destined to happen and among all such things one is marriage which holds an important rather a prodigious position in Indian society. True that Marriage is made in heaven but arranged on earth.

Friday, July 5, 2013

When you say nothing at all...

A thousand words to be heard, a thousand talks to be said,
As we move together in our life ahead.
Yet your silence covers it all,
Leaving me absolutely enthrall.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Dad- My Love, My Strength

 During my childhood whenever I use to hear the punch line of some product Brand “My Daddy Strongest” I used to repeat it with full enthusiasm and used to laugh at the top of my voice. As I grew up I realize yes My Dad is the strongest person I have met and I will ever meet. I share a very different and unique relationship with my father. I laugh and play with him, I cry and share all my fears with him and I argue and fight with him. To me My Dad is my ideal, my guide, my inspiration, my strength, my friend, my best critic and my first love.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

50 Fun Facts about The Ambi Pur IndiBlogger meet, Chennai

  1.  1.   A chilling, refreshing get together to beat the heat of Chennai. An overwhelming, warm welcome at a great place Hyatt Regency by most cheerful people-The Indiblogger team. You guys deserve a round of applause!!!

    2.    A fun filled event organized by Indiblogger and AmbiPur- the modest and humble sponsor.

    3. The interiors were nice and comfortable. An adequate purposeful ambience comprising of one white color sedan car on the left side along with a big screen in the center. Round tables and we the bloggers sit or hang around them.

    4.    Two hundred passionate and creative people under one roof.

    5.    A chance to let loose.A chance to make new friends.

    6.    The day became even more special as it was birthday of Renie Revin. Hope you had a great day Renie. Cheers!!!

    7.    Winning prizes was never so easy. Just by saying a number one can win 500 bucks or a movie ticket. Some people also got lucky by getting a French fry in their pocket.

    8.    Just 30 seconds to fame and you reach on top when people start following you as you get noticed. How desperately I was thinking what I am going to speak but my chance never came; Phewww!!! I was saved but hold on a second. What, people do own 60 blogs!!!! How the hell do you manage guys? Hats off!!!

    9.    The yummiest food that makes your taste buds crave for more along with some mouthwatering deserts.

    10. A surprise that awaits you behind the curtains. You had to actually tweet about it- an experience where you were blind fold and put into a car to feel the freshness of a fragrance only to realize that the car was actually full with other odors but because of Ambi Pur magic it was that all were feeling so fresh.

    11.  Live tweet about your best road trip ever and your experience behind the curtains.

    12. Just to remove the post lunch syndrome an S4 awarded to Priya on her tweet. Congrats Priyadarshini  that was well written !!!(She tweeted “the car you pushed me into smell much better than the world I was born into.”)

    13. Another quick and easy give way for the lucky people who tried dressing a bit casual here. No, No I’m not talking about any fancy dress contest but yes People who were wearing t shirts or anything without a collar were given free movie passes. I was lucky in that one. Finally.

    14. Read some craziest crazy lines for instance “road trip in a loo” and “I am a ninja turtle.”OK here I got an inspiration to be active on my twitter account as well.

    15. Ambi Pur presentation about their product and new launches.

    16. It was kind of a boring chemistry lecture. But a knowledge awareness of how such fragrance is produced.

    17. A confession here- I was feeling that from an automobile industry R & D I have entered a chemical industry R & D. No escape there :(

    18. Some interesting feedback like creating a mouth freshener by AmbiPur…I am sure AmbiPur owes this to IndiBloggers.

    19. Some even interestingly crazy question from where does the name AmbiPur evolve as in why E is missing…oops someone took English so seriously. (no offence please)

    20. I never knew creativity of bloggers goes up to that extent that instead of clapping they were asking some offbeat question like who will win the IPL finals?

    21. That marketing guy from AmbiPur...poor chap seemed someone took his ragging.

    22. Never the less, we got another goody-AmbiPur new range of fragrance for cars.

    23. Five great fragrances with extracts of some best aroma from all over the world that really make you forget everything and a new style to fit it in your car with the new AmbiPur Mini vent clip. Love at first sight and Sniff.

    24. I got the New Zealend Springs and it’s so fresh and light. One needs to try it once. I loved it.

    25. Nothing in this world comes for free and so we have to pay the price for getting the car fragrance, we were asked to perform a skit.

    26. Groups were formed based on the fragrance received and themes were given.

    27. Unique themes ranging from masala to romance to action to serious drama.

    28. Brainstorming started and every team was frantically deciding on their script and characters.

    29. Too many cooks spoil the broth but exception here as the tastiest recipes were placed.

    30. I enjoyed every skit specifically the smelly act, sorry but I forgot which group actually performed it but the background score, the acting, the expressions everything seemed to be perfect.

    31. I guess those people only won well deserved also.

    32. I enjoyed playing my part as an office receptionist; did I tell you people that we got to act on office romance?

    33. Enough of fun; as we approached towards the end, it was time for some serious stuff.

    34. Anchors told about some initiative like Indi change and ring the bell. Indeed Pen is mightier than the sword.

    35. A thought can change the world so people start pouring your heart out. So many causes with enormous passion. Take a Bow bloggers.

    36. Some NGO owners came and explained about their work,one such initiative was woman of worth.

    37. Respect for those ladies who are fighting for skin color biasing in this country, there approach to bring the change- Dark is Beautiful!!

    38. A gentleman who is planning to make short films based on social issues part of which will be the common man.

    39. Salute to all of them.

    40.  A little info here if you people are interested in these camapign Follow the “Dark is beautiful” campaign via @disbcampaign on twitter or search by the name on facebook.

    41. Last but no least another Samsung galaxy S4 given to the best twitter for the most memorable road trip.

    42. Chrony he was and he tweeted that he completed his most memorable trip i.e. 1500 km in just Rs 56. Great man, I wish everyone get lorry drivers like you got.

    43. Anyways congrats on your S4 I remember people asking you for the treat in Hyatt itself.

    44. Then came the time for group photograph and shutter bugs like me all set to take the first row and then 1, 2, 3 Say CHEESEEEEE!!!!

    45. Time to collect the t shirt, I so desperately wanted that thanks IndiBlogger for that one. The size was double that of mine though :( :(

    46. It was a good bye then till we meet next.

    47. Hot coffee was welcoming us outside the ball room.

    48. Had cookies, vada-chutney, and fruits, interacted and wished luck to all the new friends and headed to home to watch IPL final.

    49. All in all my first IndiBlogger meet rocked. It was fresh, fun, and fantastic.

    50. Definitely Yeh dil Maange more!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Magical TRESemme...:)

   How often it has happened that you are sitting alone in your room, all dull and a surprise knock at your door. Not quite often!!

  My luck favored me this time. I just had returned back to Chennai (the least I want to happen) from my home after a superb holiday. Dull and gloomy due to the humid weather, exhausted by the journey I was sitting in my room not knowing what to do when suddenly my landlord called me and told that he has received a parcel on my name and he handed it to me.
I was a bit surprised completely unaware of what it was.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Book Review- F?@K Knows

Title- F?@K KNOWS
Author- Shailendra Singh
Publisher- Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd
Genre- Non Fiction

Monday, March 11, 2013

Glass Ceiling or Career Labyrinth

  Glass Ceiling a word commonly heard off especially at the highest level of powers at workplace. The word originated, primarily to be used in context of women in a Wall Street Journal story in 1986. It is a metaphor referring to an invisible barrier which is subtle and transparent, yet so strong that it prevents women from moving up the corporate hierarchy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

because I miss You...

   Life is not so forbidding and dreary as it seems. But yes definitely in those jiffies when you dearly miss someone who was very close to you, that feeling, that emotion, that soppiness is unexplainable. Here, I come with this special post on V day for all those people which I am sure comprises all of you who are reading this and who have experienced this hurtful feeling of losing someone, for all those who have felt that numbness when you hold on to something that used to be there hoping it will come back, knowing it won't.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

to Choose or not to Choose

Night, 11 o’ clock
  Rajiv could not stop smiling as he entered his room. His heart was thumping hard and his mind was constantly thinking of her. She looked so heavenly beautiful. That black dress was perfectly made for her. She was looking like a goddess that even Snow White’s mirror would have broken after seeing her beauty. He remembered how he could not take off his eyes from her. Her beautiful dark brown curls reaching her waist, the pearl white studs and the necklace enhancing her beauty even more, the black kohl and the shimmering silver shadow on her doe eyes, the pink gloss on her lips, everything was perfect. The sound of the tinkling beads of her rhodium polished sliver bracelet that embraced her soft hands was still echoing in his ears. He thought of it all and how dearly he wanted to hold them.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Presenting the Leibster Award...

And here comes my first Liebster Award.

Thanks a lot Ashish ( for nominating my name.

Well, following the legacy I will move on further.

Leibster is synonym for Love, kind, something valued or precious. The word itself reflects its importance to be spread and I definitely loved getting this wonderful and unique award.

I define it as a ;lovely award to know your blogger friends.

The Rules-

a. Post 11 Things about yourself
b. Answer 11 questions from nominator
c. Choose 11 deserving bloggers and link them in your post
d. Set 11 questions for them.

e. Inform the nominee by commenting on one of their posts.

So, here come eleven not so bad things about me-

1.     I am very emotional
2.     I am a pure Gemini
3.     I am a shopaholic
4.     I am extremely talkative. Promise one will never get bored in my company.:P
5.     My favourite color is Red
6.     I am a complete insomniac
7.     I love making new friends
8.     It’s very difficult for me to concentrate on a single thing. My mind is constantly on a move. It’s my biggest weakness L
9.     I am not at all an avid reader, unfortunately.
10. I like to explore new places
11.  I cannot live without my cell phone even for a single moment.

Moving on to the next phase, answers for eleven very interesting question asked.

1. Who is your favorite author?
Ø Not one to mention, but at present I am reading a novel from Agatha Christie
2. What is your profession?
Ø I am a Design Engineer (Heavy Vehicles) by profession. No other go, I am a Mechanical Engineer.
3. Apart from blogging, your hobby?
Ø I love dancing and talking bla bla bla :P
4. How many hours do you spend on blogging?
Ø I don’t get much time for Blogging but still I try spending around an hour daily on it.
5. What/who inspired you to write?
Ø I am a person who really cannot sit idle. So when I really got bored and life was null I started writing/ blogging. So I owe my blog to my boredom.
6. Do you feel you could be a writer in the near future?
Ø It’s my dream, my wish and my ambition. Hope it gets fulfilled soon.
7. Choose one: Money or Fame. Why?
Ø I choose fame because I feel money follows fame and it can never be vice versa
8. Are you socially active?
Ø To some extent, I am a FB freak. Not using twitter much as of now.
9. What came first egg or the chicken?
Ø If science is to be believed egg came first and spiritually Chicken came first. But for me, who the damn cares about it unless I get both to eat..:P
10. Why is the word dictionary in the dictionary?
Ø Self definition, I guess 
11. Why is Liebster award so obsessed with the number 11?
Ø I guess whosoever started with this award had his/her lucky number as 11. Anyways I don't really feel that number should be the constraint for spreading this wonderful award so just feel free and spread the message.

Now its my turn, eleven answers I will definitely like to know are for the questions-

1. What would you name the autobiography of your life?
2. One thing when something happen to you that you thought was bad but it turned out to be for the best?
3. If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?
4. If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?
5. What chore do you absolutely hate doing?
6. Your favorite Pick up line?
7. The best compliment you have got till date?
8. Honest feedback for my blog?
9. Blogging to you is_______
10.What was your last facebook status update?
11. What is the most difficult question for you to answer?

And the eleven bloggers I nominate for this award are-

1. Debajyoti Ghosh (
2. Easwar Arumugam (
3. Rohit Gupta(
4. Akash Govindarajan(
5. Amit Agarwal (
6. Clement Williams (
7. Prasoon Khare (
8. Shorya Bist (
9. Akila G (
10. Siddharth Gupta (
11. Renu Sethi (

Now the last but not least, I have informed the nominees by commenting on their blog post.

Completing all the pre requisite I can now say I am one amongst the proud winner of Leibster Award. J

Keep reading!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Your Life...Your Mirror!!!

  That day, I woke up went to the bathroom and looked at my mirror to see my own reflection.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Divine is You!!!

Dinner tonight?
Catch you at eight!!
That was a compelling invite,
For what was to become a memorable date!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

My journey towards Blogger

Ok, this one comes straight from the heart, “Direct Dil Se”.

…that day I started my Blog

   I would like to confess that I am not an avid reader.I had never thought of something like blogging two years before. To be more precise I never took any hobby seriously. 

   When I joint my first company immediately after my college everything was fun; my fresh position, my office, my new friends,a different place and of course a handsome salary. Life seemed to be the best at that particular instant till that day when I was alone with nothing to do. Bored I tried several things but nothing was hitting off well. I realized that I definitely need something which can be with me forever and on a deeper retrospection I realized the thoughts, my feelings and my emotions are always with me. So I decided to pour down my heart. And that day I started blogging.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Shave or Crave

   Remember my love our first date,
Roof top, roses, candles everything so ornate.
   You were there handsome and tall,
You were my dream man, clean shaved, shining above all!!!