Monday, March 23, 2015 Loot is ON

Online shopping is the latest trend now. Off late people are moving towards e-shopping. It's easy, Its comfortable and you save quite an amount of money.

What if we get amazing offers added on this e- shopping experience of ours. Yes, does exactly the same. One can get additional vouchers and add on to the monetary benefit through their shopping. is the transformation in e-commerce. I know most of us have faced the issue when we go for shopping online we see the product and click and buy thinking that its the best offer we may get. But we are unaware that by applying some coupon codes we can actuially save on our expenditure.
What does it do?
Let's go by an example
I liked something on snap deal. I added it to my cart and paid the price that was quoted.
What if I get the same product from the same site at a lesser price than quoted. Surprised??
Yes, this is what exactly Zoutons help you with.With the snapdeal coupons on Zoutons one can get an even better price.

Right on the home page you see the most popular coupons. I click on Snapdeal and I find a number of coupons that can be used on snapdeal. Of course, using  those coupons helped me in saving my hard earned money.
Once you click on any e- retailer. You get to see the number of Snapdeal coupon codes for that particular store.
The coupons are further categorised into different categories like appliances, automobile parts, books, computers etc.
On a coupon you get to see the minimum saving you can do along with the validity date.
What's more than coupons- One can even get offers according to their shopping history.Offers on anything or everything. The discount coupons, deals are ranging from mobile recharges to appliances to gadgets. You can even subscribe to get the daily updates on the coupon store.
Started in Delhi in 2013 this site has a great number of followers on social networking site. With a catchy tag line- ' The Loot is on' I am sure with this kind of site your shopping experience is not less than loot.
Having said this, I am sure your hands must be waiting to explore the site. So just don't wait, login into this user friendly deal aggregation platform and enjoy the LOOT at Zouton.

e-shopping benefits with

Let me tell you something about the growing e-commerce market in India. In 2013 the market grew at 88% to $16 billion. (according to survey by industry body Assocham).
The products that are most sought our after are gadgets like mobile phones, ipads, apparels and accessories like jewellery. And to make the most our of this online shopping trends companies are collabrating together for daily deals, discounts, coupons sites.
One such site is which outclass it competitors in many ways.Zoutons started by Nishit Kumar is a deal aggregation platform which has the offers from over 600stores, 1000 brands and over 50 banks providing a single platform to avail maximum possible cost reduction.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Collegedunia – Growth Story

Founded last year, Collegedunia which is one stop solution for all searches related to exam dates notifications, Colleges from all fields ranging from arts to science, technology to management.
I really appreciate the efforts of founder. The site has almost every detail which includes available branches (streams), total number of intake, fees and also the method of admission.

Collegedunia, a virtual dunia for every student, parent and educational institute is all flying high with the latest development and investment in this start up. The recent articles published in Iamwire and Vccircle stated that the online portal has risen over $150k through angel funding.
Delhi-based collegedunia Web Pvt Ltd, has announced of INR 1 crore in angel funding from CEO Umang Kumar and a few undisclosed investors.

As per Sahil Chalana, founder, collegedunia, these funds will be utilized in enhancing the technology, operations and for marketing.

Presently, Collegedunia has information of around 15,000 colleges and exams like CAT, MAT, GMAT etc. The company plans to add data of around 7000 colleges more in the next few months. The portal is also looking upon listing coaching institutes, polytechnic institutes and to cover all entrance exams details. It recently launched a feature wherein the aspirant can get notification about entrance exams deadlines, free sample papers, some tips and tricks etc. It is also planning to launch new features such as institute listings, personalized notifications, and more reviews about the college as well as alumni talk.

It also claims to attract more traffic in the upcoming months. The startup at present gets around one lakh visitor per month out of which 40% is direct traffic and it is now aiming to touch million visitors by April-May,2015.

The overall growth curve of the company is moving upward in a steady way. Collegedunia has increased everywhere be it office, team-size, working style, investment, customers etc. At present their prime focus will be in the field of marketing and design.

With all this wonderful planning and a hardworking team together I am sure that this startup is definitely going to grow and will become a must have for every student.

I wish the team of Collegedunia all the luck!!
Read more about Collegedunia here

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A message to my Readers

Hello All,

Thanks for following or reading my blog.

It gives me immense pleasure and enormous satisfaction when someone comments on my blog post, or likes it or just get a bit satisfied after reading it.
This 2015, I have decided to give my blog a makeover and hence shifted to the following site-

Request all to drop in there and shower me all the love and appreciation you have given till date and I am sure will continue to give in the future also.

Thanks a lot.


Friday, December 26, 2014

Monday, December 22, 2014

My view on PK

Off late I have been seeing many people criticising the movie PK, stating that the film makes fun of Hindu religion, that it has disrespected Hinduism. My question to those critics is - What is Religion?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fear-Face it or Forget it

You can do any of the two things to fight with your FEAR either forget it or face it. Each one of us have different fear some fear darkness, some insects, some death.

From my childhood I had fear of various things, but my greatest fear was to stay alone. Whenever my parents use to go out for some work leaving my sister and me alone at home I used to cry, cry like a baby. I used to give different excuses to my mom and dad as soon as I come to know about they going somewhere.  I got various scolding, my father used to counsel me. Every time I used to promise him that I will stay calm and I will be bold, I will not repeat the same again. In short, I used to forget my Fear but then the story remained the same because I was running away from it.