Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Dad- My Love, My Strength

 During my childhood whenever I use to hear the punch line of some product Brand “My Daddy Strongest” I used to repeat it with full enthusiasm and used to laugh at the top of my voice. As I grew up I realize yes My Dad is the strongest person I have met and I will ever meet. I share a very different and unique relationship with my father. I laugh and play with him, I cry and share all my fears with him and I argue and fight with him. To me My Dad is my ideal, my guide, my inspiration, my strength, my friend, my best critic and my first love.

  With him each day I learn a new lesson of life. Thanks papa for everything, for making me the way I am.

   It is said that mother is the first teacher. Yes, my Mom taught me the first letter or the first word; my teacher taught me the sentence. They all gave me the education but my dad taught me how to implement that education in real life. He gave me the Knowledge and taught me the true meaning of education which is beyond all books and philosophy or science.

   When I was small he taught me to ride the bicycle. I still remember when he left his hand and as I turned back I saw him standing far behind and then I fall. While I was crying he gave me a lesson to try again and never lose hope. He taught me to hope and aspire, to dream and achieve, to try and succeed. He taught me to remove the word lost from my dictionary.

   As I grew up and became a teenager my dad gave me the strength and taught me to become fearless. He never made me feel like a girl. He made me bold and strong. When I came home crying because some students in my school bullied me he taught me the lesson to fight for yourself. He made me confident, brave and independent.

   When I stepped out of the comfortable shell of my mother’s love and father’s care my dad taught me the most important lesson of life to be truthful and honest, He guided me to choose between right and wrong.

   The next thing which he taught me in the simplest way is simplicity. Seeing the way my parents brought me up, the simple ways of life and to achieve happiness he showed me how to be creative to make the most complicated things simple .He taught me to be simple in manner, in character and in style. And I owe it to him that if people call me smart yet simple it’s all because of him.

   I might have gone with the wind. In this rat race I might have also followed the suit but it is my dad who taught me to maintain a balance in life. He told me a simple mantra that balance, peace and joy lead to a successful life. He told me to enjoy everything to the fullest but with control on self. He told me to be different and to think before act.

   As I entered the professional world, the corporate life it was my father again who came to my rescue. Everything I implement in my career path is a lesson that I learnt from my father. He is in a private job and I still remember the things he told me when I was about to join my first company. He told me all the pros and cons of a job, the things which will benefit me and the unfair practices which I might face. I still remember his face which was slightly stressed up then because of fear of leaving his daughter’s hand but the smile on his face of the pride and confidence he had on me. He told me the way to communicate. He still guides me the way to present my opinions.
   Last seven years I have been away from home. My father completed my every wish to make me happy. I realize how much compromises he and my mom has made to give the best life to me and my sister. Not only this but he imparted another lesson of managing the finances. From my childhood till date I really have learnt from him the fine difference between comfort and luxury, the difference between necessity and demand. He along with my mother taught how a single penny saved can give you thousands in need. I promise I am going to remember this lesson when I will manage my own house very soon.

   As I am going to enter the next phase of my Life- From a daughter I am now going to become someone’s wife I remember the two most important lesson which my father taught me-
He taught me to be disciplined and punctual. Being a professional as I will now have to manage a complete home I really need to be disciplined and punctual that will help me in maintaining my work-home balance. I simple reminisce how punctual my father is and how discipline his life is. From morning till night if he gives a word it will be completed.
    The next big and the most important lesson which I consider to be the best learning is selfless love, care and respect. My father taught me to admire people and relationships. He taught me to do things with least expectations. He taught me the essence of relationship. The extract of the beautiful bond he shares as a brother, as a son as a husband as a father he has given me that as an asset.  
   "It is my father who taught me to value myself. He told me that I was uncommonly beautiful and that I was the most precious thing in his life."
   Dad I may grow big but I will be always your little daughter who still feels confident when you say, “Don’t worry beta I am there everything will be fine.” I am still the same princess of yours who use to stand at the door waiting for you while you return from work and then frantically searching your bag to see what have you brought for me. I still anxiously wait for that toffees or toys you use to bring. And I promise you papa that no matter what I will always abide by the lesson you gave me and will give in life. Thanks for the belief in me you are the best dad and sorry for everything silly I do. I know you are always there for me and even if  you have left my finger and gave my hand to someone but I know I am always under your shadow and you are standing still with me to hold my hand if ever I fall!!!

 Happy Father's Day!!! :)  :)


  1. Beautiful... Each end every aspect of your life is touched upon by your Dad.. Great!!
    Fathers are so special..
    Congrts for the win too :)

    1. Thanks a lot ma'am...
      Congrats to u too for the win :)