Friday, September 26, 2014

Crowning Glory- Chapter 14


 Life Game

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Jennifer’s phone was ringing when she woke up from the nightmare. It was Cyrus. She picked up the call and before she could say anything, Cyrus screamed from other side, "Where were you? I have been trying to reach you for so long." 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Crowning Glory

 Life's Game

June'14, Delhi

The Conference hall of Le Meridian, Delhi was packed. Everywhere he turned, Cyrus could see the curious reporters with their microphones, media professionals with their cameras and cheering crowd of crazy fans. Cyrus,  tall, extremely fair in his mid twenties will soon be facing this crowd. He adjusted his collar as he let his eyes wander. He felt suffocated, as if the air was too thin to match the gathering.

Book Review-Private India

Title- Private India
Author- Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson
Publisher- Cornerstone (a division of Random House, UK)
Genre- Suspense Thriller