Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What will happen if world ends on 21st December???

   Amidst so many predictions of different astrologers if we believe that world will indeed end on 21st December what will happen to us.
   First of all dear friends, don’t fear death because everyone will die according to the predictions. So there is no prejudice. First time no discrimination will be made on basis of caste, color, creed and other such imprudent human created differences.
   If you want to really worry you can think that there will be no one left here to mourn your death and to remember you after you die. Sad, but no worries as ultimately all of us are going to meet in the place above.
   And now, as I see the future place of all residing souls I would like to share my thoughts about it. Folks, believe me nothing will change. Yes, trust me. Ok, lets not complicate things. I will try to relate things and make it easy to comprehend.

   I am damn sure since all the great brains have already reached heaven they must have laid the foundation of all the technology for us.
    Primarily, we talk about the three basic necessities- Food, Clothes, and Shelter.
   Food, don’t worry we have plenty in stocks in the kitchen of The Almighty. After all where will all the Prasad and offerings go? It will be used now only.
   Clothes I guess if we are going to be souls we despise the clothes but fine ‘Lord Krishna’ will give us the necessary clothing as he gave to ‘Draupadi in Mahabharata’.
   Shelter yes of course some will have to go to hell obviously here the politicians and all those corrupt leaders. And the common man like us will definitely go to heaven. I trust GOD on this one at least.
  So now the basic problem is solved. Let’s move on to Money. Here also all of those who are earning souls of the family will still receive their salary and the added benefit will be here there will be no Recession or the Euro Zone crash. Though definitely there will be a stock exchange obviously headed by ‘Lord Kuber. And people will get onsite opportunity also. NRI’s will be staying in ‘Kailash Parbat’.
   Educational centers will be here definitely when we have Goddess Saraswati herself.
   Recreation and luxury will be definitely there. The chain of ‘Yamraj resorts’ must be there. For those who love adventure you can do all water sports activities, snorkeling, and zorbing at the adobe of ‘Lord Vishnu.’ Cheaper accommodation will be also available. The earth’s ‘dharam shala will be opened as ‘maran shala there.
  Ok, Ok I got it you are thinking of travel. You will get cheaper faster travels by the newly opened flight services by different airlines. Certainly, they will take over the ‘Pushpak Viman and ‘Jatayu services. For overseas travel ‘The Sheshnaag Ship’ is there.
  Oh common now you have started worrying about petty things. I see my friends worrying they will die without even getting married. As I comprehend you are searching your SOULMATE only you will get it there. The matrimonial services will be there “Bhoot Matrimony” and “Maran sathi.” Oops, now I hear someone talking about the fitness. Gyms will be there surely. The skeleton, bones will all become your dumbles and other gym accessories.
  Oh gosh, how can I forget the communication? Indra has his durbar and the members will be taken over by the different service provider and software giants. I believe Vayu Deva will be replaced by Android. Agni deva by I-phone and Windows will take over the power of jal or water.And rely on me you will have customer care center also. The ‘apsaras yeah those gorgeous ladies will take the job of customer care executives.  Of course, there will be a board with the message “You are in a queue. We respect your patience.”
  But above all, since the population of world has increased by leaps and bounds I believe God must have postponed the idea of destructing the earth and calling all of us above in lieu of less capacity space. So probably it will not happen.
  After all this crap thoughts, before anyone of you thinks me insane I will cut this short just giving a short message.
   “You only live once. But if you do it right once is enough. So, live life, Laugh Lots and Love forever.”

PS- This post is just a part of Humor. It doesnot intend to hurt anyone beliefs. culture or trust.