Saturday, October 20, 2012

Discrimination a Prejudice!!!

   Rahul, an eight years old boy comes from school and asks his mother," When God created all of us equal, why they killed her?" His mother perhaps doesn't know how to answer the quest of the innocent unpolluted mind. He has learnt this lesson today in one of the chapter of moral science. He lost his sister few years back in a Hindu- Muslim riot. Needless to say, he is unaware of the socio-political discrimination existing in the society and hence he is unable to figure out the reason behind that treacherous murder.

   Few school boys came running and laughed at Ranjan, their class mate because he wants to play with them but they cannot have a limping person in their team. He is suffering from polio in his right leg. He is just 12 years not even fully aware why people mock him by calling him "Langda." He gets bewildered on the very thought that when he is no different from others than why every second person either takes pity on him or makes fun.

   Ritu is not allowed to work and move out of her house though she is having a MBA degree in her hands. Her mother says,”Girls are made for handling only the house hold. You cannot equal the men. Help me and this will help you in taking care of your own family in the future.”  She finds it ludicrous. When her brother is having no restrictions even if he goes to another city and work, come late at night, do whatever he wants and for all that he does not need any permission. Why only she has to listen and think of future home and stuff? The only difference is she is a girl and he is a boy.

   Nita and Rajiv love each other. Both are smart and professionally qualified. They both understand each other but their dream to be happy ever after is shattered because both of their families are not agreeing to their marriage as they are from different caste. They are left with no other options but to exhume their feelings for each other though they both know they can’t be happy and whatever happens in the future will only be an adjustment. Is it their fault that they were born in different castes or they fall in love with each other without thinking of this prevailing caste and race discrimination?

   Anjali has already been rejected thrice by some perfect matrimonial alliances just because of her dusky complexion. Her qualities, her intelligence and smartness are all masked by one factor that (though difficult to understand) makes her different from others, her color . She is not fair and hence unfortunately she has no right to choose.

   Amit is being offered an onsite assignment with a promotion while Prashant his colleague though more capable than him is denied of the opportunity because the former is one of the relative of one of the top gun of the management. Poor Prashant without any fault has become the victim of discrimination at his work place.

   These are not stories of some of the people mentioned here. These all, though are a tad of fictions but somewhere relates to the life of common man. We all are living in such a hypocrite society. Discrimination exists everywhere whether in the form of caste or religion, color or race, gender or personal preferences. It may be because of physical disability or belief. In the end antiblack, antifemale, and all forms of discrimination are equivalent to the same thing- antihumanism. The worst part is we all are getting affected and are doing nothing about it and then we call our country to be democratic.

   In the quest for social equity ignorance is not an excuse. Perhaps, it’s high time now we all should start our struggle to end discrimination. If I have the power to change something, I will change this prevailing inhuman system in the society named as ‘discrimination.' I will remove this prejudice so that earth becomes a better place and everyone starts living as one family. I will remove it from the roots because it is eating all the branches of humanity like a parasite. I wish I can really get this power one day and save the future from getting ruined.

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  1. one of the best posts written by you..keep going..

  2. the above comment was equally shared by both of us..

  3. Nice work. Discrimination, in whatever form it may be, always impacts a the society and never in a good way. While some fight it and rise above all, most get overburdened by its sheer pressure and lose the will to fight. The Khap diktat on killing lovers in Haryana or the caste riots spurting out all over the country are burning examples.
    In this light, the blog is refreshing and the stories, even though fictitious, reflects the idea very well.
    Hope our generation rises above all this stigma and gives a better future for the forthcoming generation.
    Keep the good work. :)

    1. Thanks Sai....Nice way to summarize...yes its a long journey and we all need to work on it.
      Thanks again..:)

  4. A really good post Himani! The colour thing you told is more prevalent in the south, coz here most of them are dusky...What you said is true....It is our mindset and we cannot change it u said it should be killed from the roots...good one!

    1. Thanks Akash for liking the post...Speaking about color well not only south I have witnessed it many times in north also...
      Actually its not because of any location its just the mindset that every one wants to dominate in some of the other!!!

  5. Very well written..
    though society is changing still a long way to go..

    1. Thanku...yes I agree its still a long way to go..
      Thanks for visiting :)

  6. Nice one .. i have been a victim of this stigma. I am 32 and have always been rejected by any or every matrimony alliance because i got a minor polio aftereffect and it bothers our so called society so much that even before meeting me in person , people choose to reject ...