Monday, July 28, 2014

Book Review-The Devil's Gate-An Impossible Jouney

Title- The Devil’s Gate-An Impossible Journey
Author- Deepak Kripal
Publisher-Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
Genre- Fiction/Mystery

About the book- The book has a different unique approach in the story as well as the characters. With the description mentioned at the back it creates a feeling of suspense and something supernatural in the mind of the reader. This is what the book says-

Plundered by humans of their habitats, animals take a drastic step when they decide to send a team to an invisible island. The island becomes visible only for a short time on the night of the full moon.Legend has it that the island is inhabited by the demons. Animals wanted to negotiate a deal with the demons, convincing them to allow the animals inhabit the island.
Majority of the animals community believe that tinkering with the other world could bring their wrath to the animals.The team is sent to the island nevertheless.
But can a deal with the dead be materialized?

Are there really demons on the islands?

Is there any conspiracy involved?

Will animals be able to negotiate, or will survival remain their only question in the deadly island?

My Take- The theme of this debut novel is fresh and interesting. The uniqueness lies not only in the concept but also in the protagonist of the story Dug and Caty, who are not humans but animals.
The book touches very sensitive topics of deforestation and human behaviour towards animal. The book is a page turner with twists and turns. But at the beginning the prolonged conversation between Caty and Dug is a bit monotonous.

 The book has everything suspense, humour, thrill, emotion. It’s kind of a roller coaster ride. Hats off to author’s writing style, when it comes to description of a scene or a character. It’s lively and life like. The author has successfully created a story keeping in mind the true nature of a cat and dog.

This book is definitely a breakthrough in the world of Indian Fiction.

The cover of the book is aptly designed and suits the theme. Its dull and mysterious.
Overall, I must say this book is definitely a must read because of its freshness and uniqueness.
About the AuthorDeepak Kripal, 29 years, was born in the God country, Uttarakhand. He is a doctor by profession and a writer by passion. He completed his MBBS and internship from Kanpur in 2009 and currently lives in New Delhi. He believes in dreams and tries to live one day at a time. A known name in the blogosphere, he loves to blog, and to interact with people with varied interests.

Trailer of the book-

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