Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A perfect Meal-My Beautiful food!!!

What’s my idea of a perfect meal?
It can be anything anywhere I feel.
Ranging from spicey chats to sweet rasogulla,
Or those exquisite cuisines to home-made food, oohlala.

Tired all day after a busy office;
try the hot brewing aromatic cup of coffee.
With a choco-fantasy pastry,
The hot melted chocolate, so saucy;
and a red delightful cherry tops as a topping.

Want to enjoy the first rains,
Set yourself free from the worldly chains.
Attempt that delectable golden fried bhajjis,
Of  potatos ,onions,tomato, cheese and chillies.
With the whiff of masala chai, and a gingery hot elaichi flavoured sip,
Relish the robust peppery gingery hot effect on your tongue’s tip.

Invited guests at home for dinner,
Prepare the soupy savoury lemon-coriander soup;
and be the heart winner.
Next start the Starters,
with the toothsome spicy pinwheel samosa platter.
Leave the invitees to crave for more,
And serve your best, The main course.
With panner tikka masala comes the rich red flavoursome gravy;
Mushroom malai mutter the side dish tangy and tasty.
Serve the gourmet of India Breads.
From phulka to nan, all in rich scrumptious spread.
Oblige the apple cinnamon icecream, to finish.
The nippy-nutty flavour, the taste buds will replenish.

A late night out with friends,
The two minutes Maggie with a twist can be the Zen.
With Peas, Tomato, Onion, Capsicum mixed and fried,
Serve this easy to cook dish topped with aloo bhujia and try.

Food served best taste the best.
Serve in Borosil microwavable transparent dishes and stay blessed.
Lookwise transparent dishware have a great range to offer
Take this pride to home and be honoured.
That is my idea of Perfect meal,
Check this out as there is lots to steal.

This post is a part of My Beautiful Food(Part 1) contest by Borosil hosted by Indiblogger.