Monday, December 24, 2012

Bring me the days I cherish forever!!!

  Rishab opens his eyes and feels the smell of his wife, Riya . Today is their first anniversary, she hugs him and gives a lovely handmade quilled card with a message written on it.
“I want you to want me.
I need you to need me.
I love you to love me.
I adore you for the happiness that you give me.
Just bring back those old days for me;
The one we will cherish forever,
When we were just you and me...


  Theirs is a love marriage. After being into five years of courtship from their college days they have tied this sacred nuptial bond to be together forever. The best couple of college now entwined together with their love growing more and more unfathomable like an old wine which only grows better with age.  But as marriage comes with the responsibility which love never realizes and so was the case for them also. The tremendous work pressure and personal responsibility made them somehow neglect themselves as the person they are.
  For Rishab every celebration comes with a surprise so elegantly planned by Riya. And for Riya she always consider her to be the most blessed one as Rishab leaves no stone unturned to fulfill her wish.
  Riya has already set plans this time for her gift. She knows that Rishab loves to be expressive and this time for their anniversary she has planned to be communicative through words.
  Rishab gets ready for his office and comes to the breakfast table with a large gift box. He kisses her soft cheeks and says, “This is for you honey.  Happy Anniversary.”
  While leaving he reminds her of the party and starts to office.
At office
  Rishab enters his cabin and gets a pleasant surprise from his beloved- A purple orchid bouquet and a box of his favorite Belgian chocolates and  along with it the message.
“As I close my eyes I crave the softness of your lips
As I close my eyes I crave your scent, the sweet smell of manliness.
I inhale your aroma enthusiastically, remembering you once lying beside me.
As I close my eyes I crave so desperately those days when a dashing young man proposed me…”

   From the two messages Rishab was trying to make out what those two are hinting towards.Not able to find the answer he is still struggling when another surprise welcomed him in his car.On his way back home he finds another message with a beautifully wrapped golden color gift box.

I love you for so many reasons big and small,
I love you for all qualities that make u stand tall,
I love you for the hold so strong,
But for one small wish if u fulfill;
I will rejoice the love we both fall for!!
  Rishab desperately read the message and tore open the gift wrap deliriously to find any solution. He started craving to fulfill his wife's wish but what is she trying to say?? He knows that Riya always makes the most unpretentious thing so fascinating that he is always left flabbergasted. He drives back home thinking of all the striking lines, those mystical but warm messages from his better half.
  He already has a hint that she is trying to tell him something about the time when they were dating each other. Clueless but still trying to decipher he comes home.
  He reaches home and gets spell bound after seeing Riya. She is looking heavenly beautiful in the crimson red dress he has gifted her. It seems like the ensemble is perfectly made for her.  He compliments, “You look stunningly beautiful today. So fresh and elegant like the day you looked on our first date.”  Trying hard to avoid him seeing her cheeks growing red with blush she just says,” Go get ready or else we will be late. And yes don't forget my gift.”
   Again , its all over his mind. What is it? What gift is she talking about? What is that he is missing? Those messages craving him to know what exactly his lady luck wants. As he stepped out of the Bathroom he saw another message in the mirror.
What can I tell you that I haven't already?
Think about it as you get ready
Right on your side a click of us so happy..
You looked so young making me crazy
Nothing else to explain, our love is that endless mystery
One small promise to keep, bring that look so mannerly yet manly
Come to me as the cool dude five years back and woo again your lady.”
   Rishab looks on his right side and sees a framed photograph of their college days. He looked so young, clean shaven, smart, masculine and of course sexy.
    He gives a glance in the mirror and sees his stubble clearly hiding his youth and camouflaging his appeal. He realizes that Riya has in fact grown more beautiful with time and he has ignored him just giving excuses of responsibilities. He immediately rushes to get the five years old Rishab back.
    As he steps out of the room Riya is overwhelmed to get her old Rishab. She comes close to him and says,” You know dear, Cinderella left that shoe intentionally to make her prince find her. Sleeping beauty slept just to make her prince charming feel like hero and come and woo her.I could have made it simple but I made you crave to get my prince charming back which somewhere was lost in this one year. You are my hero always and forever. and you look even more handsome without that cactus like stubble.” He just smiles and kissed her, this time a more soft and passionate one.

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  2. It's a lovely, fun filled entry. All the best Himani :)

  3. well penned, best of luck for the contest.....:)

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    1. Thanks a lot..:)
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