Wednesday, September 5, 2012

@ Office

Let’s play a Game....

What’s the next word that strikes you when you say "Office”??







It may be even more but I guess if I know the corporate people a bit it must be something in relation to above.

Anyways, a straight forward question- How many of us are really enjoying our work???? And the answer for sure will be,"Not many".

Next one- Why???

Didn’t we opt for the company???Weren't we happy when we got recruited through our college placement cell???
What do we want then... a flexi timing restrictions on leaves...liberty on work from proxy settings on social networking "chik chik" from "BOSS" or in that case restrictions on dress codes....good salary with super cool incentives...

Whoopie.... that will be indeed  a dream come true!!!

But, thinking over it again. Do we really need to always crib about office or can we really work on this and be happy and contented in what we have?

To begin with I would like to tell that I myself am working in an environment like this and sitting all day long in office in front of the computer screen makes me lethargic and dull and only gain I achieved was in few extra calories on my body....:( :$ but then this kind of gain comes free with your job. :P

I always cursed my office, the only day I like office was the day when I use to get my Salary.
Till the day, when I thought "enough of it. I really need to do something.” From the various ideas jostling in my mind was, "Shall I quit the job? What next?”
Then I thought over it again and I calculated the time I get after office and accordingly decided to plan my schedule. It may look a bit boring as in time table and all are school kids stuff. We forgot how to follow time tables when we learnt how to bunk classes.

But  I was amazed to find that most of my spare time (be it after office or during leaves or weekends) is getting wasted in activities which I can't even think about. 

Sleep, Hang out, Parties, Washing clothes...thinking about all this...I mean and then I blame my office for wasting my time. :) :)

What next, It prompted me to prepare my wish list of top 20 things I would like to have or I would like to do inclusive of the time when I want to own them / Learn them/ Enjoy them...It was a list consisting of boastful dreams from travels to my dream destination...owning a BMW or an Audi...a beach side mere little things like buying the latest trendy dress and X brand cosmetics for me.

After listing down those I realized most of them are not difficult to achieve and I can just do them by round the clock adjustment and wasting less time.

Often we dream big and dream many but we forget what we really want to achieve. We forget our potentials and we keep on blaming our routine, schedule, office. That list was completely an eye opener for me. I realized what I want to do, I realized the power of dreams, I understood the importance of ambitions and aspirations.

So the next step I did was immediately prioritizing my time and wish list and joining and buying the things that are in my top 20 dreams.

Really it was fun to do!!!! I will not say that I gained 100% success but yes soon I will.

I request all people like me to list down the things they want to do, look for the time you have and fulfill your wish list.

Just remember - 

"Whether it's the best of times or the worst of times, it's the only time we've got."

                      "Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway"

                     Life is finish all the crazy things you want to do!!!!

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