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Ruchika’s father happily announced “This one is perfect”. He was talking about a suitable match for her younger daughter Ruchika. A well educated and qualified independent girl but the only flaw she has is she is of original Indian skin. Yes, she is not fair and that’s the only reason why she was rejected twice by so called “perfect alliance” before.
This time the family do not want to take any chances. Therefore, after all the necessary proceedings they have set up a meeting with the probable groom’s family. Ruchika’s aunt has come from Delhi and she has made her rehearse all the possible question answers which are likely to be asked.
The D-Day has come. Ruchika is made to wear a bright colored saree much to her annoyance but she has to resign in front of her parents.
And the interview comprising of not so’ difficult questions which ideally have ‘not so’ perfect answers begin like this (very similar to a job interview)-
Question- What do you like to do after office?
Expected Answer- Well, nothing in particular. Just come freshen up, will cook for dinner and set things right for the next morning and go to bed, off to sleep.
(Inside story- First of all I want a refreshing cup of tea after that tiring day at office all day. Then it all depends, if I am not that much tired I will cook the dinner and set the table and after doing the regular chores whatever is possible I will chat with my deary hubby and will directly land up into my own sweet dreams.)
“Work after office means your area of interest and if your area of interest does not align to your company’s profile there is no use of adding you as a resource to the company. Company in this case refers to your future house .”
Question 2- What are your Hobbies?
Expected Answer- Cooking, Craft work, singing
(Inside Story- Net surfing, Reading novels, Blogging etc.)
“Nothing bad in any hobby but your interest reflects whether they are going to complement to your daily key responsible area’s that is if your hobby is cooking you can prove to be a good home maker but if you care about internet then you are simply a net freak wasting time on some useless sites.”
Question 3- What are your future plans?
Expected Answer- Probably, to have a complete family.
Well, please excuse me as I cannot elaborate it further as it is subjected to a person’s perception!!!
(Inside story- I want to have a happy family and focus on my career too. I have not planned actually about future after family but I definitely want it to be a happy one)
“It is an exact replica of the question normally asked in the industry where you see yourself 5 years from now? And if you are saying something regarding your free lancing or you see yourself as a budding entrepreneur then obvious so you are never going to be faithful to the company as you are not a long lasting resource. Similarly if you say much about your career it creates an opinion that you are not much interested in prioritizing your family.”
Question 4- What are your expectations?
Expected Answer- It’s just perfect. I liked you, your family and everyone else. I just feel at home.
(Inside story- I want everything to be discussed openly and accepted by mutual consent. There should be no compromises and acceptance should be open hearted. I want a family where my parents also get equal respect as I will give to your parents which I will definitely do.)
“Expectation is one common question in both interviews. Where whatever you say will be listened but the answer will be an open end with no closing ever.”
“Ruchika” is no one different but any girl who is bearing the humiliation of selection and is confused as well as depressed on the reason of being a mere commodity with attractive wrapping around for sale  in a market.This realm of dominance continues. A girl ready for marriage is still subjected to such conditions and she has to pass that horrifying tests.

Strange but true, for getting married, a girl has to complete certain mandates. She should be-
1.     Fair/ Very Fair
2.     Qualified
3.     Smart, tall
4.     From a Rich, effluent family (A hidden qualification which is an obvious inclusion need not be mentioned)
THE RESULTS- If you pass the criteria of “smart, intelligent, professionally qualified home maker” and after putting so much effort by just giving the expected answers the result of the interview will come out like this.
If the alliance is arranged (similar to a walk-in or through some online portal) - you can be put into a waiting list with a reply “we will inform you in two or three days”.
If you are one of those lucky bird you can get selected subjected to certain conditions.
If the alliance is love (similar to a referenced candidate from a big shot of the company itself) you will be selected with certain if and buts but obviously there will be no room of a No there.
So, whatever the case may be you can be the pilot of the flight but the landing is ultimately controlled by the authorities stationed at the base. You have to act on their instructions to see where your marriage flight will land.

As I comprehend it “Marriages are made in heaven but sold on earth!!!”

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