Monday, December 22, 2014

My view on PK

Off late I have been seeing many people criticising the movie PK, stating that the film makes fun of Hindu religion, that it has disrespected Hinduism. My question to those critics is - What is Religion?
According to me Religion is something which just gives us faith, a trust on someone who we can believe. It gives us a hope and a ray of optimism.

Frankly, PK movie outwardly opens up a question on the society that do we really need to sacrifice so many things because GOD has asked us? or are we doing it because we want this to happen, because we believe that if we do such sacrifices God will grant us our wish.

I agree majority of the plot moves around Hindu culture but at the same time I do agree that it's not about God it's about some fake gurus who introduce themselves as messenger of God, its about superstitious beliefs of society.

Having said this I don't say I am an atheist, I do believe in God and I love my culture but I am mature enough to understand the true message of the movie.

With this post, I just want to question the critics and also enlighten some of the readers who in their mind have created an impression about the movie.

While driving on road, one fine day I saw a stone embedded at the connecting point of a by-lane to the main road which resembles a bit like Lord Ganesha and some flowers on it. Masses cannot take their vehicles from that turn and nobody dares to remove that pious stone also. It's placed at such a position, that if in midnight a vehicle comes and hit that stone because there is no visible neon marking near it, it will turn into a major accident. Is this what God tells us to do? And I am sure you won't deny if I say you all must have experienced something similar.

Leave this, my question to all is if we are criticising movies like PK why not we raise our voice against the following-
1. When our Bollywood movies gives a message that there is Yes in every NO, if you propose a girl.
2. When Heroines are used to add glamour quotient in the movie.
3. When a rowdy hero flirts with a homely girl and the girl falls for him
4. When media raises unnecessary questions on a rape incident and our ministers speak irrelevant on the same.
5. When our daily soaps preaches a message of family fights to such an extent that people murder their own mothers, brothers and sisters.
6. When a hero or a heroine gets married a thousand times in a daily soap.
7. When the daily soaps shows and promote child abuses.
and many such violations of Indian society and Indian culture.

My only message is its high time we start thinking beyond Religion, there are much important topics against which we can raise our voices. It's time for us to think better and think big.

Coming back to the movie, with 80% of the people following Hinduism in our country if the story talks about Hindu culture nothing wrong in it. Secondly, as said any publicity is good publicity if we write even wrong about anything people have tendency to know about it more. Thirdly, grow up; actor is just a face of the movie, the story writer and the director is the creator of the movie and last but not least, please take and accept entertainment the way it is meant to be.

Respect all Religion and have faith in God. 

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  1. I did not watch the movie, but I think that if a hindu hero dos this film - people may not criticise this I guess, As Amir Khan is a muslim - people may not want to hear him criticising about our religion etc. thats the reason for this outrage i guess.