Monday, October 6, 2014

Crowning Glory- Chapter 20

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Tara was calling Shekhar frantically. "Oh god, why the hell he is not picking the call", cried Tara. She was irritated to the core- 5 calls and 10 messages, that's what she had done in the last 30 minutes.
"Shekhar, you are so careless. Damn it." she thought. She was annoyed with him, "Why did I ever marry you. It was the biggest mistake of my life."
And her phone rang again, it was Principal from Roohi's School," Ma'am, this is the last call we are making to you. Please come and pick your daughter up. I really want to meet both of you. Your attitude like this can spoil a child's life." Tara was apologizing for the third time and anger was clearly visible on her face.
She hated to apologize and she hated to request. "This man, he had made me plead in front of a petty principal. He can't work, He can't earn and then he can't take care of their daughter also; he is definitely good for nothing." believed Tara and then she said determined to herself. "No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back and I am turning back. Yes, I have taken a right decision. I want to get rid of him as soon as possible". She said convincing herself.
While she was thinking all this her secretary knocked at the door, "Ma'am, the clients are ready. They are waiting for you in the conference room."
Tara just nodded her head and said, "I will be there." She was not able to concentrate. This man had wasted her precious thirty minutes and more than that the principal was calling her every ten minutes and giving her lectures on moral and care. While she was thinking what steps to be taken next she got a call again from the school. "Hello Ma'am, your driver had come and Roohi went with him." Tara disconnected the call and took deep breath thinking next about the meeting that was waiting for her. On her way to conference room she thought," How selfish of Shekhar, he had no time to return to my calls. He never cared about anything." 

Meanwhile Cyrus was busy not in his first assignment but in his commitment for Jennifer. He was falling for her. Law is everything he had thought all these days and with Jenny entering in his life he was taking the risk of playing with his first assignment.
"No one named Tara came here, Sir." the voice at the other side answered. "Oh, ok. Thanks", Cyrus replied. This was the last orphanage in Mumbai and from here also there was a negative reply. He felt discouraged. "If not in Mumbai where else?" he thought. Lot of confusion around him and then he started doubting Jenny's instincts," Is Tara really related or may be that orphanage is just making a hoax story to come in the lime light." But then he never wanted to break Jenny's hope. He decided to think again and try.
Jennifer on the other hand looked at the bits and pieces she took from Dutta's Residence the other day. She took a serious look at the visiting card of Ashakiran Anathalya, the number that was written on the backside of the card. "Whose number it could be," Jennifer thought. Without thinking a second more she called again on the number. After a few seconds the call got connected and it started ringing. She knew she had called once before and its someone from Kolkata.
"Namoshkar, Yara", said a manly voice in a complete Bengali accent. (Hello, Who is this?)
Jennifer got nervous but getting back she asked, "May I know who is speaking?"
The voice on other side shouted angrily," Kēna āpani ē'i yārā ​​jāni nā yakhana balā āchē."(Why have you called when you don't know who is this?). The man disconnected.
Jennifer tried that number again but then it was busy and after few no replies the number got switched off.
Jennifer got more suspicious and then she contacted Cyrus, "Hey, we need to know about this number, whatever details we can get. You told me once you have some friends who know hacking. I know it's illegal but we need to do this. We cannot involve police at this point of time. We are dealing with some high profile figures and we can't take the risk of letting them know what is in our mind."

Cyrus replied, "Sure, I will try contacting my friends and let you know once I get the details." He called some of his friends and by evening he had the details.

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