Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thank You!!!

Waking up, now that September has ended and I am all excited to celebrate the next two months of festivals and with it the chilling winters.

Though being an Indian by birth and by heart I have always heard and celebrated Dusshera and Diwali but as my awareness increased with my age I came to know about a very simple yet beautiful festival celebrated in the west. Yes, I am talking about the "Thanks giving Day" or may be month which is celebrated in Oct-Nov in various countries.

The name of the festival itself defines its beauty. Though history reveals that the origin of this day dates back to sometime in the 18th century and it is mainly celebrated as a day of thanksgiving to the Almighty for the bountiful harvest and to pray for the coming year but Harmony, peace, feeling gratitude is the underlying theme of the celebration all over.

Often, in our life we take help or support from different people but we forget to give them a small gift full of gratitude .we forget to say them a 'Thanks', a magical word that can create wonders and tie this whole world in a single thread of love. Gratitude and its expression can turn denial into acceptance, chaos to order and confusion to clarity.

Someone may argue that we need no special day to those people who somewhere have filled our life with happiness and joy. Thank you should come then and there. But I believe this special day rather a month definitely reminds us of those special humans who have helped us in gaining some thing in our life be it countable or just a feeling.
Thank You is an expression of love and consideration. It can sometimes be a synonym to acceptance. It’s another meaning of appreciation and delight for some. The happiness it gives to all can make life bliss. 

Think about it for a minute, have we ever thanked our maid who comes to our house daily for doing the house hold chores or that newspaper boy who early morning 6 o'clock delivers the news paper at the door so that we get to know what’s happening in the world? Have we thanked our parents for bringing out the person we are today or even our failures because of which we have learnt to struggle and stand strong in this world full of turbulence and tensions?

On a lighter note for all those who have watched and enjoyed Munna Bhai MBBS must have realized all that is said above and that ‘jaadu ki jhappi’ might have worked for some.

But for me Thank you is that meditation which can give us the peace of mind relieving it from all sorts of tensions. This word can turn enemies to friends.

And when this word can do so many wonders and keep us happy and bright why not use it always?

Let’s celebrate this month and this day by thanking each and every person who has somehow contributed something in our life and not only this month but every month, every day.
As someone has aptly said,” I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”

Again, thank you so much for dropping by and reading this post. Thank You BlogAdda for giving me an opportunity to share my thoughts and WOW on a nice theme.

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  1. Great theme and great writing...keep it up :)

  2. not everybody feels that he is blessed with what he has.. the urge of dissatisfaction and expecting more from life has increased avoidance..

    well "Thank you" for such a lovely thought.. i like the font.. :)

    do drop in to my writings.. keep blogging.. :)

    1. Hey Sravanth...well said..i am in complete agreement with your thought... Thanks for liking the post...:) will definitely drop into your blog...