Saturday, June 28, 2014

Batman and Friends on a shopping spree @ BAGGOUT.COM

“Good Morning Sir”, said Alfred.

Oh yes, it is morning. Ah, Good Morning Mr. Pennyworth”, said Bruce Wayne (secretly known as our BATMAN).

“Your Breakfast is ready Sir. If you can come down to the Living we can even discuss something Important”, said Alfred in an indecisive mode.

“Important, what is it? Tell me here”, Bruce enquired.

“Well, Sir may not be important to you. But still its your Birthday next week and I wanted to plan for it.” answered Alfred.

Oh, again and a celebration. I am turning older Mr. Alfred”, retorted Bruce.

“Sir, but…” said Alfred as he tried to convince. But before Mr. Alfred Pennyworth, the caretaker of Bruce Wayne, could even finish; “Ok, fine I will think over it”, and Bruce Wayne ended the conversation thereby rushing to his secret Lab.

There he thought,"I shall plan something different for my Birthday this time”. Suddenly an idea struck his mind and he gave a fishy smile, “Alfred would be happy if he hears this.”

And then the next day…

“Where are we going Sir?” inquired Alfred in a perplexed way. The same expression was visible on the faces of Bat Girl and Robin.

Mr. Bruce Wayne, are you gonna tell me what’s happening?” queried The Bat Girl.

“Just sit, sweetie. You will get to know in few minutes.”

And then, vroommmm….and poooffff… a huge cloud of smoke and they land in the land of colors INDIA.

“Where are we?”, exclaimed Robin.

“Well we are in India in 2014, quite ahead of time. This is my idea to celebrate my Birthday, in a different Land and in different time sphere. May be I can get some good adventures also at night.” said the super excited Bruce.

“OK, but what are we going to do here, Bruce.” said Bat girl.

“We are going to party hard girl”, answered Bruce.

Wait I will tell you the plan. He opens his laptop surf on internet and looked for some sites and finally landed to

He shouts, “Look what I have found. People in the future are quite advanced. I have got the perfect destination where I can plan my party.”

Lets make the list. This requires Invitation, Hotel Booking, Cakes and food, what else.. ummm. Ya dresses.

“Ok now let me check what this Site has to offer me,” interfered the bat girl.

And then they all started exploring one by one as per the list.

First the Invites.

Oh, Baggout- Print venue- Yes I can make my own customized Invites and send it all to the commissioner, the Night wing and all my dear friends.

“Ok Sir I will take care of the food section,” offered Alfred.
And, as he clicked on explore stores. He found great deals from ferns and petals, food panda, just eat and many such eateries. I must say, that is quite easy and interesting Sir”, Exclaimed Alfred as he ordered the delicious delicacies in a few clicks.

“Ok, now my turn. I have to shop a lot for me and obviously some nice dresses for you people,” mocked Bat girl.
“And she opened various windows Myntra, Yep me, Jabong, Flipkart from Baggout. This Baggout is a holy shit. I mean how it can give so much offers and discounts. Hey watch out it can even show us the trending products and I can buy the latest in trend dress by a click”, shouted the thrilled Bat girl.

After some scrolling and shopping our Bat man a technology freak thought of looking into some offers on electrical gadgets while others were bunching chips over a cup of coffee all the more happy with the heavenly shopping destination they have found.

He surfed lot many offers selected few for him from baggout. That’s super fun he thought.

He now decided to travel some nearby places and baggout was again the rescue for him with the deals and discounts it offered on travel and hotel bookings.

After few weeks of fun in and around India they were all set to headback home in their Time machine back to their time. Finally, they all were contented with a simple solution and one stop destination for all their needs which not only gave them option but they were able to save some bucks which otherwise our philanthropist Bruce will definitely use elsewhere. What they will miss surely the experience of Baggout which gave them the best party they did till date.

As Baggout gave them-great products from all stores, cashback and coupons, see whats in trend, or highest purchased and above all buy anything just buy a click.

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